Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino has been blogging about and building products for the internet of things for over ten years. She has also instigated the Good Home project where we put the words from this book into action. There's no one to whom we're more indebted for helping us understand IoT and the connected home.

A huge thank you to Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling for their kind hospitality at Casa Jasmina and truly inspiring project. We are so grateful to play a part in it, however small and remotely.

Grazie mille to the whole Arduino team especially Lorenzo Romagnoli and Davide Gomba for hosting us and making us feel so welcome in Torino.

It's also such a pleasure to think about and tinker with connected homes together with Jon Rogers from the University of Dundee. From facilitating workshops, to inviting us to Fife, and to always bringing a collaborative, open spirit to everything he does, we can't wait to keep exploring the future together.

A big thank you for lovely, inspiring and informative chats to Matt Webb, Matt Biddulph and Tom Coates.

Louisa Heinrich has been doing tremendous work in this field. Conversations with her, as well as her frequent talks, have been priceless.

Scott Smith and his team at Changeist have been an ongoing source of inspiration. Especially their research project Thingclash and their outstanding critical IoT reading list are priceless.

A big shoutout to the Max Krüger, Simon Höher, and Emanuel Schwarz as partners in crime for ThingsCon. Theay all are always thinking about how to make events around this topic great. An amazing bunch to work with.

Conversations with Alper Çuğun are always insightful and entertaining, but his thinking around conversational interfaces has been especially helpful. We highly recommend you seek out his upcoming book on the topic.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Christoph Bieber. Writing a study and policy recommendations around smart cities for the German federal government was just the perfect excuse to work together once more, and the process was both full of learning opportunities and a lot of fun.

The importance of the work Marcel Schouwenaar and his network of collaborators across the Netherlands and Belgium have been doing around ethics in IoT cannot be overstated, from the IoT Design Manifesto to the new Just Things foundation.

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