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This book became an on-going research project about the connected home.

It opened a lot of lines of inquiry. Some we may see answers to in a short while. Others might be laughable in a decade from now when many of these technologies will have settled in and become quotidian.

The book has also helped spawn a number of very concrete projects and activities in our other lines of work. As part of the head of Mozilla's Open IoT Studio program, Michelle has brought a lot of the thinking in this book into life through an ongoing series of Mozilla Open IoT design sprints (the insights of which in turn feed back into this book).1

Peter has joined forces with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino to co-found The Good Home2, which aims to take the theoretical work of this book as basis for concrete design proposals for better living in the 21st century. Peter will continue to organize ThingsCon3, an event for practitioners in IoT to share their skills and lessons learned. Many of the themes we touch upon in this book are topics of conversation at ThingsCon events around the globe.

Over the coming years, we anticipate many ways to continue these reflections. Be it by organizing events like ThingsCon and Mozfest,4 by hosting workshops or designing curricula, by further writing and prototyping—we're excited to make and learn with a growing community of people interested in the connected home.

There is a lot of work to do as we collectively figure out how to shape the connected home. It's going to be exciting.

1. See wiki.mozilla.org/Open_IoT
2. See thegoodhome.org
3. See thingscon.com
4. See mozillafestival.org

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